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12 Cutest Puppies From this Week

1. A cute American Eskimo puppy.

Cute American Eskimo puppy

2. A cute Corgi puppy outdoors.

Cute Corgi puppy outdoors

3. One the cutest puppy - Siberian Husky.

Cutest Siberian Husky puppy

4. A lovely little Maltese pup.

Lovely little Maltese puppy

5. A cute Golden Retriever puppy.

Cute Golden Retriever puppy

6. An adorable white pup on the floor.

Adorable white puppy on the floor

7. A cute French Bulldog puppy with a ball.

Cute French Bulldog puppy with a ball

8. A delightful cute puppy in a hand.

Delightful cute puppy in a hand

9. One the cutest puppy (Pitbull) outdoors.

Cutest puppy Pitbull outdoors

10. A delectable brown pup.

Cute brown puppy

11. A cute Dachshund puppy.

Cute Dachshund puppy

12. A cute puppy is playing with a ball.

Cute puppy is playing with a ball