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11 Pictures with Cute Pets to make you feel better

1. A cute puppy with a hat.

Cute puppy with a hat

2. A cute smiling dog outdoors.

Cute smiling dog outdoors

3. A funny dog is running on the lawn.

Funny dog is running on the lawn

4. An amusing dog with big ears.

Amusing dog with big ears

5. A cute sad kitten.

Cute sad kitten

6. A wonderful dog with a nice look.

Wonderful dog with a nice look

7. A cute puppy is sitting in a bowl.

Cute puppy is sitting in a bowl

8. An adorable little puppy is sleeping in a hand.

Adorable little puppy is sleeping in a hand

9. A cute puppy on the ground.

Cute puppy on the ground

10. A funny cat with big eyes.

Funny cat with big eyes

11. A delightful Golden Retriever dog.

Delightful Golden Retriever dog