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11 Cute & Funny Animals To Make Your Day

1. A funny elephant baby is running somewhere.

Funny elephant baby

2. A cute Chihuahua puppy on a hand.

Cute Chihuahua puppy

3. A very cute puppy shows its paw.

Very cute puppy

4. A funny dog seems to be laughing at something.

Funny dog seems to be laughing at something

5. A funny cat on the ground.

Funny cat on the ground

6. A cute puppy outdoors.

Cute puppy outdoors

7. A cute pug puppy is looking at you.

Cute pug puppy

8. A serious red cat seems to be smiling a bit.

Serious smiling red cat

9. A cute Siberian Husky looks amazing.

Cute Siberian Husky

10. A funny cat is resting outdoors.

Funny cat is resting outdoors

11. A funny cat looks surprised.

Funny cat looks surprised