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11 Amusing and Cute Animals to Lift the Mood

1. A funny Golden Retriever face.

Funny Golden Retriever face

2. A cute young pig on the grass.

Cute young pig on the grass

3. A funny cat's face.

Funny cat face

4. A cute black puppy.

Cute black puppy

5. An adorable kitten is drinking milk.

Adorable kitten is drinking milk

6. An amazing manul in the open air.

Amazing manul in the open air

7. A beautiful grey cat.

Beautiful grey cat

8. A cute kitten looks so wonderful.

Cute kitten looks so wonderful

9. A funny white owl.

Funny white owl

10. A cute puppy - Golden Retriever.

Cute puppy - Golden Retriever

11. A delightful lynx.

Delightful lynx