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10 Funny Cats and Cute Kittens to Get Your Mood Up

1. A funny kitten with a smile.

Funny kitten with a smile

2. A funny cat looks surprised.

Funny cat looks surprised

3. A funny cat with wonderful eyes.

Funny cat with wonderful eyes

4. A cute kitten and pink feathers.

Cute kitten and pink feathers

5. A funny picture with a cat: "I can read your mind".

Funny picture with a cat

6. A cute kitten sees something interesting.

Cute kitten sees something interesting

7. A funny kitten on a blanket.

Funny kitten on a blanket

8. A cute kitten looks so delightful.

Cute kitten looks so delightful

9. An admirable kitten in the basket.

Admirable kitten in the basket

10. A funny cat on the floor.

Funny cat on the floor