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10+ Funny Animals to Make Your Day

1. A funny cute kitten in a bathtub.

Funny cute kitten in a bathtub

2. An amusing sheep shows its tongue.

Funny sheep shows its tongue

3. A funny cat is resting.

Funny cat is resting

4. A funny picture with a bear that is waving.

Funny bear is waving

5. A delectable and funny monkey and its smile.

Funny monkey and its smile

6. An amusing Australian bird Emu.

Funny Australian bird Emu

7. A funny horse shows its teeth.

Funny horse shows its teeth

8. An amusing and funny cat.

Amusing and funny cat

9. A funny Pug is trying to keep warm.

Funny Pug is trying to keep warm

10. An amusing Golden Retriever looks happy.

Amusing Golden Retriever looks happy

11. A funny dog's face. It looks like this cute pet is laughing.

Funny dog face