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10 Cutest Dogs and Puppies to Bring Your Mood Up

1. A cute Samoyed puppy outdoors.

Cute Samoyed puppy outdoors

2. An adorable Pomeranian puppy.

Adorable Pomeranian puppy

3. One of the cutest dog pictures: a Pitbull and kisses.

Cute Pitbull and kisses

4. A little cute puppy.

Little cute puppy

5. A lovable Poodle is smiling.

Cute Poodle is smiling

6. A funny dog's face.

Funny dog face

7. A cute Pug in the blanket.

Cute Pug in the blanket

8. The cutest Chihuahua puppy in a nice hat.

cutest Chihuahua puppy in a hat

9. A cute Corgi in the street.

Cute Corgi in the street

10. An adorable small puppy.

Adorable small puppy